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3 Day Refresh – The Final Verdict

And there we have it folks! The 3 Day Refresh is in the books. I must say that my timing was good and not so good. Good that I finished right before my vacation. Why not so good? I had my last shake on the bus to NYC to start my vacation. Needless to say… I have no final weight. Whoops.

Besides weight lost, what has the 3-Day Refresh done for me? I has completely cut my carb and sweet craving. I can eat fruits and veggies all day every day and that is fine by me. I don’t even want to look at at piece of bread! And coming from me, that is saying a lot.
So who needs the 3-Day Refresh? Anyone who is looking to loose some weight quickly and in a healthy way. Anyone looking to get their digestion moving in the right direction (sorry had to go there). And anyone who wants to shake loose those pesky carb and/or sweet cravings, this is the program for you!

I did feel hungry at times, but not like I was about to past out like most cleanses. I think all of the liquid helped! And I’ not complaining. I have never felt this healthy, nutritionally in my life and I am going into vacation with the intention of not messing it up! The program is completely planned so it takes all (and I mean ALL) of the guess work out of what to eat, what to drink, and when. I loved this program and the results! Just take a look!

Yes that’s me and it took just three days of sticking to the plan.

Wanna know more about the 3 Day Refresh or get one for yourself? You can email me at bshart@gmail.com or like my Facebook fan page, Bianca – Just Bee You Fitness.
Now for some sun in the fun! Here’s to rum punch and fish cutter sandwiches. Everything in moderation folks.
Later Days

Refresh Day 2

Another Refresh Day in the books! Day 2 went a lot smoother than the first, but that is to be expected. There was one minor set back, but we will get to that later.

I must say drinking a glass of water in the morning certainly revs up the metabolism. I would wait until I was just about to leave for work to drink. Not anymore… out of bed, feed the dog, drink water!

And since we are on the topic of liquids. One pressing question might be,”how does this stuff taste?” A good question indeed. I still had my Strawberry Shakeology in the morning with either blueberries or pineapples. It tastes like a ray of tropical sunshine. Seriously it is so good, it is hard to believe that it is vegan! And the Vanilla Refresh that you drink at lunch and dinner? I swear it tastes like birthday cake! It is a little too sweet for me since I am not a sweets person anymore. You could tone it down mixing in some fruit in a blender, but since I don’t have a blender at work…. Straight up it is!

Fiber Sweep does exactly what you think it does so there is no need to go into further detail. There is a trick . You have to drink it fast or else!!! Seriously, there is no sipping the sweep! Trust me on this one. Since it is made up of soluble and insoluble fiber it is a bit pulpy. If you don’t think about it, you won’t notice it. It also has a lemony (is that a word) flavor which is very refreshing. It’s a small amount, so 5-6 big gulps and it’s done.

Almost forgot about my minor set back. I was so excited for my lunch of grapes, carrots, and Vanilla Fresh that I almost had a heart attack. I forgot my grapes at home!! Dude, that 3/4 cup of grapes was a third of my lunch!! Without those grapes… I might starve! I made a audible gasp and starting talking out loud about my horrible situation. But luckily Trader Joe’s came to the rescue. I waited in line for 5 minutes for 1 apple. That’s right. No popcorn, no chips. Just one lone apple that would save me from starvation, and it did. Talk about having a plan and sticking to it!

I was so busy dropping my mom’s dog off at the sitter and packing for vacation that I only had time to have a Vanilla refresh for dinner. It got the job done!

In my Les Mis voice… ONE DAY MORE!!!

Later Days

Refresh Day 1

Day 1 is in the books and I survived! It was a lot easier than I thought, even though I felt like I was smelling pizza and fries everywhere. Maybe that’s part of the detox process or just my detox process.

I will admit, I did feel a wee bit hungry between lunch and dinner. I already drank my water for the day (1 whole gallon) so I chewed on some gum for a little bit. That did the trick.
Let’s get one thing straight… there is no way to get dehydrated on the cleanse. You are drinking so much fluid. 8 oz of water in the morning, 8 oz of water with the fiber drink, 20 oz water for both meal shakes, on top of your daily water intake. I need to count how many calories I burn walking back and forth from the bathroom. LOL.
Unlike some cleanses, like Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset, which I am dying to try, you can workout. So T25 Cardio went down. Hop squats are not my jam… Cleanse and workout at the same time? Yes, please.
And…  I am eating, just in smaller portions and no meat, carbs, or dairy! No liquid cleanse here. Cucumber Tomato salad is the best thing ever!!!!  Or maybe the best think last night since it was the most solid food I had all day.
So there you have it. My Day 1 3-Day Refresh recap.
Short, sweet, and straight to the point!
Just like me!
Later Days.

The Big D

All of you get your dirty little minds out of the gutter. I
am not talking about that. I do try to keep this blog somewhat PG except for
some four letter words sprinkled throughout just for flavor.
The big D that I referring to is depression. No one ever
wants to admit that they suffer from it. It’s so much easier to put on a big
fake smile and go through the motions of your day until you can get home, curl
up in a ball under the covers, and cry. Sounds like I know a thing or two about
it. Yeah, because I have suffered with depression for years.
There will be a lot of people who know me who will stare at
that last sentence wondering how I hid it so well. They will look back at
conversations and meetings to see if there were any signs that they may have
missed. Where there? Absolutely. But it’s easier to hide the pain instead of
fessing up to the truth. My depression wasn’t constant. It came in waves caused
by some stressful experience or situation. Project at work not going right,
lost my job and struggling to make ends meet, overworked and severely
underpaid, giving up hobbies that I loved because I couldn’t afford them, and
watching people have a good time when I couldn’t. Those have been triggers for
me. It would take every ounce of my being just function, to get out of bed and
go on like nothing was wrong. And very few people know the physical toll that
depression takes. It hurts. I remember how hard it was to physically sit up,
put both feet on the ground, get out of bed, and continue living.
But by the grace of God this is as far as it went. I haven’t
been on medication, probably would have been prescribed something if I went to
a therapist, but that wasn’t an option because, at my lowest point, I didn’t
have the best insurance and I didn’t want people, even my family to know the
Call it pride. Call it a protection mechanism. But why cause
more mental anguish by telling people that you are not well. Letting people
know what is going on with you tends to lead to questions. What happened? Why
don’t you just move on? You are not depressed, get over yourself. Shake it off
and move one. If it were that easy, there wouldn’t be Prozac would there…..
So what changed? And for the record I still get depressed.
But how to fight it? For me it has been working out and Beachbody. I found
Beachbody almost two years ago when it seemed like nothing was going right. I
was holding on to the promise of a pay raise, struggling not to make ends meet,
but to pull them closer together, and trying to keep some resemblance of a
normal life when everything seemed to be crumbing around me. I needed something
to take my mind off of what was not going right in my life, which felt like everything.
I needed something to do at home since hanging out was not an option. So for
some reason, I answered a random post on Instagram to join a Beachbody challenge
group. And it was the best decision I have ever made. Working out gave me a way
to get rid of my stress and I was a part of a group of people who were supporting
each other as we began our fitness journey. I had found my tribe.
And you know what. The two months of T25 came and went. I wanted
to quit lots of times, but I felt like I would be letting everyone else down in
the group if I did. This was the first time I actually finished an entire
workout program and I wanted more. Now, I can’t go a day without working out. It
is my therapy. A good sweat makes me happy (crazy I know, but it works for me).
I wake up every morning and press play. Sometimes it is a struggle but I know
that if I don’t get my workout in, I will be in a bad mood for the rest day. And
if I have had a tough day at work, I’ll work out again in the evening just to
make everything right with the world.
But working out is my thing, maybe it will work for you. But
everyone is different. If you are battling depression try to find something to
take you mind off of things. Go for a walk, listen to music, read a book.
Anything. And if things are really bad, please go see a professional for help.
I haven’t gotten to where I am overnight. It’s been a long
journey and one that I am still on. I know that I will have good days and bad
days and will have to deal with my depression here and there, and that’s ok.  But it’s like Dory says… “Just keep swimming.”
Later Days!