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3 Day Refresh – The Final Verdict

And there we have it folks! The 3 Day Refresh is in the books. I must say that my timing was good and not so good. Good that I finished right before my vacation. Why not so good? I had my last shake on the bus to NYC to start my vacation. Needless to say… I have no final weight. Whoops.

Besides weight lost, what has the 3-Day Refresh done for me? I has completely cut my carb and sweet craving. I can eat fruits and veggies all day every day and that is fine by me. I don’t even want to look at at piece of bread! And coming from me, that is saying a lot.
So who needs the 3-Day Refresh? Anyone who is looking to loose some weight quickly and in a healthy way. Anyone looking to get their digestion moving in the right direction (sorry had to go there). And anyone who wants to shake loose those pesky carb and/or sweet cravings, this is the program for you!

I did feel hungry at times, but not like I was about to past out like most cleanses. I think all of the liquid helped! And I’ not complaining. I have never felt this healthy, nutritionally in my life and I am going into vacation with the intention of not messing it up! The program is completely planned so it takes all (and I mean ALL) of the guess work out of what to eat, what to drink, and when. I loved this program and the results! Just take a look!

Yes that’s me and it took just three days of sticking to the plan.

Wanna know more about the 3 Day Refresh or get one for yourself? You can email me at bshart@gmail.com or like my Facebook fan page, Bianca – Just Bee You Fitness.
Now for some sun in the fun! Here’s to rum punch and fish cutter sandwiches. Everything in moderation folks.
Later Days

Refresh Day 1

Day 1 is in the books and I survived! It was a lot easier than I thought, even though I felt like I was smelling pizza and fries everywhere. Maybe that’s part of the detox process or just my detox process.

I will admit, I did feel a wee bit hungry between lunch and dinner. I already drank my water for the day (1 whole gallon) so I chewed on some gum for a little bit. That did the trick.
Let’s get one thing straight… there is no way to get dehydrated on the cleanse. You are drinking so much fluid. 8 oz of water in the morning, 8 oz of water with the fiber drink, 20 oz water for both meal shakes, on top of your daily water intake. I need to count how many calories I burn walking back and forth from the bathroom. LOL.
Unlike some cleanses, like Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset, which I am dying to try, you can workout. So T25 Cardio went down. Hop squats are not my jam… Cleanse and workout at the same time? Yes, please.
And…  I am eating, just in smaller portions and no meat, carbs, or dairy! No liquid cleanse here. Cucumber Tomato salad is the best thing ever!!!!  Or maybe the best think last night since it was the most solid food I had all day.
So there you have it. My Day 1 3-Day Refresh recap.
Short, sweet, and straight to the point!
Just like me!
Later Days.

Offically CertiCIZEd

Since being introduced to Beachbody, I have taken a lot of leaps
of faith: Became a coach to help people live their best lives, completed
intense workout programs that I would have never attempted before, and learned
that I am stronger and more resilient than I ever thought. So why not take
another flying leap and sign up to be a CIZE Live instructor. Well, that’s
exactly what I did.
Right before the start of it all 

You all know that I love CIZE! I cannot sing its praises
enough, but I’ll try. It is such an amazing way to tone, tighten and have fun.
I won’t call it exercise, because it’s not. It’s dancing. You really dance like
music video dance, and work up a major sweat while doing it. So when I saw that
that Beachbody had a certification program, I jumped at the chance. I wanted to
get certified at our annual Summit in July, but that was not in the cards. Where
there is a will, there is a way. I searched and found a class 40 minutes away from
my house. Sold.

Last Saturday, I nervously drove to the Newton Athletic club
hoping that I would not run into any accidents or road closures along the way.
I made it there in one peace and on time and came face to face with a friend
and idol in my head, Tania Baron.
If you have every done any Shaun T workout you know “The
Machine.” She would be my CIZE Instructor. I die. I would be learning from the
same person who helped develop the actual program with Shaun T. I was one
degree away from one of my fitness heroes. Swoon and pass out. I really didn’t
know what I was getting myself into and a majority of the class didn’t either. Would
there be a test at the end? Would I have to audition in front of Tania? Hopefully
not because I would have peed my pants. After some general housekeeping and
introductions, it was time to work.
We learned the current CIZE Round. OMG. The energy from Tania
and the rest of the class was insane. I had a complete sweaty blast. I wanted
to do it all over again after I caught my breathe. Even though I missed a
couple of steps here and there, I was starting to get it. We had lunch and like
the rest of the class, I lost it. How can you forget an hour’s worth of work in
30 minutes? From experience, it is pretty easy to do. But not to worry, Tania gave
us a refresher course and we were then broken up into smaller groups to
practice how to cue the moves.

Just imagine telling people
the next move two beats before they do it, while trying to remember the move
itself. Ridic hard. But no one complained if someone made a mistake. We helped
each other through it and by the end I kinda got. We then took turns breaking
down 8 counts and teaching them to our group. Again, everyone was super helpful
which helped this total novice shake of some nerves and begin to build up
How fun does this look? Totes? Because it was!

And before we knew it, class was over and we were certified
to teach! Tania was gracious enough to stay behind for pictures. It was pretty
cool that Shaun T said hi to us through a text (squeal).

I drove home in complete shock of what I had just done. I was
now certified to teach a class. What??? Never in a million years did I think
that was even an option. SMH that is insane. But true.

Me and Mama T! She loved my shirt

You never know what you are capable of until you go out
there and CIZE it up.

I’ll be sure to tell you when my first class is!
Later Days!


You’re Invited!!

I‘m so excited and I just can’t hide it! (such a gratuitous Saved By the Bell reference, but I don’t care)  I am please to announce my first ever Fit Camp! AHHHHHH. Seriously, I am so excited that I am bouncing in my chair!!! Can you tell!!! I hope so and I hope you will join me!

Since this is my first ever fit camp, I figured why not get people started off on the right foot with, wait for it….

First Steps to Fitness Fit Camp
(If I could make the words flash, I would. Trust Me)

Sound interesting??? Let’s see if this the group for you:

  1. Have you wanted to start a fitness program, but don’t know how?
  2. Intimidated by the number of fitness programs on the market and don’t know where to start?
  3. Want to clean up your diet but don’t know how?
  4. Have you started a fitness program but quit because no one was there to keep you accountable?
  5. Are you ready to make a change?

Did you answer yes to any other these questions? Then First Steps to Fitness is the group for you!

What is included in this amazing group?

  • 4 week program
  • 30 minute workouts that you can do from the comfort of your home according to your schedule
  • 30 Day supply of Shakeology, a Super Food Meal Replacement Shake that helps you with your sweet tooth cravings
  • 30 Day free trial of Beachbody on Demand (Beachbody’s streaming service)
  • Support and Accountability in a closed Facebook Group coach (Hooray!)
  • Me as your personal accountability Coach
  • Meal Plan, Nutrition Guide, and sample grocery list
  • Workout tips and tricks
  • Prizes
  • Tons of Fun
No, you don’t have to go to a gym. No heavy equipment required. Nope, you don’t have to live near or in Philadelphia (it would be cool if you did so we can meet up!) You just need 30 minutes a day, a positive mindset, and the desire to make a change in your life!

Why am I doing this? Because I want to help you like someone helped me. That’s it. I just want to help you. Two years ago, I was totally lost, depressed, and couldn’t figure out what was going on with me. Then I found my Coach. With her support, motivation, and amazing attitude, I finished my first workout program ever and laid the foundation for my fitness journey.  Now it’s time for me to pay it forward and do the same for you!

Ready to get started? Logistics are below:

Start Date – July 6th (Yup, right after the holiday!)
Interested? Click this link https://beebeehart.wufoo.com/forms/m1qvx33u0kg6fcb/ and fill out the form (Will take you 2 minutes tops to complete)

Or feel free to email be directly at bshart@gmail.com. You can also email me if you have any questions or would like more information!

Can’t wait to start this amazing journey with you!

Later Days!

MIssion Accomplished!!

This will be short and sweet peeps! Guess who filmed and posted her CIZE video just now?? This girl

Yup, my video has been posted for the Facebook masses to see!!! What did I just do???

I totally jumped off the cliff, and looking back at it… It wasn’t that scary. When you punch fear in the face and do it anyway, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

So, here’s my video (all 56 seconds of it) And if you have any questions about CIZE or how you can get your copy. email me at bshart@gmail.com or friend me on Facebook!

Later Days!

Cizing Past Fear

Taking a break from Insanity this week so I can work on my
dance skills! Beachbody is having a contest for the best video of people doing
the routine “You Got This”, from the amahzing Shaun T’s new workout program,
Cize. Cize isn’t even out yet, but you can preview this awesome workout on
Beachbody on Demand.
Now it’s on like Donkey Kong. I never took any formal dance
classes when I was kid. I did participate in Airband in college. But I am up to
the challenge of seeing how close Bianca can get to Beyonce by Saturday.
Saturday June 20th is the day that I will record and post my video for
the world to see in hopes of winning, wait for it… $1000. Yup a cool grand is
at stake and the grand prize winner gets $5000. That’s something to shoot for
right? Damn right.
So why am I doing this…. That is a very good question. I’m
putting myself out there to get over my fears. I have been stuck in neutral
with my Beachbody business for a while because of this little thing call the “What
if’s”. You know, what if I suck at helping people? What if no one responds to
my invites? What if I can’t make it through this work out? What if I can’t
stick to this meal plan? What if I don’t lose weight? What if everyone thinks I’m
nuts? What if people get sick of all my sweat selfies on Instagram? What if no
one reads this blog? Wait what!!! You are reading this right? Ok good! That’s
one what if crossed of the list!
The “What if’s” are fear’s way of stopping me. Stopping for
going out on a limb and going all in with my business. Dancing like no one’s watching,
posting it on Facebook and hoping that someone likes it! Even if it is just one
person. What if no one likes it? So what!
Insanity is on the back burner for a few days while I get my
Beyonce on. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t be getting a workout. Oh Honey!
Cize is cardio on fleek! You don’t realize that you are getting an amazing
workout until you realize that you are dripping with sweat! I even had to take
a couple of water breaks. Dancing is an awesome workout! And so much fun. Shaun
T breaks down and cues the moves incredibly well, that by the end of the
workout you can go all out and “Cize It Up” with attitude. Yes, girl!
It’s finally time to feel the fear and do it anyway. And I
need you to keep my accountable! If you don’t see my video on Facebook by 8pm
Saturday night, I am giving you permission right now to call me out on it! Text,
post on my Facebook wall, anything to make sure that video is up!
Time to punch fear in the face and do it anyway. It’s finally
time to clear the what if bullshit out of my head and go all in!
Let’s do this!
Later Days!


Fitness At Your Fingertips

Just when I think that Beachbody has it all figured out….. they reinvent the game. Beachbody recently introduced it’s Beachbody on Demand platform. Think Hulu and Netflix for Beachbody Programs. What the fudge!

Of course, I was a Beachbody junkie before, but this…. this is a total game changer.. I have been wanting to try some “older” programs for a while (hey Hip Hop Abs) and now I can. Here is the current list of available programs:

  • Hip Hop Abs
  • Insanity
  • Insanity: The Asylum Vol 1 and 2
  • Chalene Extreme
  • Turbo Fire
  • The Complete P90X series (P90X, P90X2, P90X3, P90X one on one: Vol 1 and 2)
  • 10 Minute Trainer
  • Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Rev Abs
  • Tai Cheng

And on top of all that… you can preview newer workouts, such as PiYo, T25, Insanity Max 30, Body Beast, Slim in 6, 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme. More programs are being added all the time. In fact, 6 additional programs will be added in May, bringing the total value of content to over $3,000.00. All available on any Wi-Fi enabled device (computer, phone, iPad). No DVDs necessary.

Oh wait, there’s more. If you have ever purchased a Beachbody program, it will be added to your program list in the near future! I can now stream T25 and 21 Day Fix while on vacation. How awesome is that.

Now fitness is truly at your fingertips! All of these programs for less than the cost of an annual gym membership!

Interested in learning more about Beachbody on Demand? Send me quick note at bshart@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to answer any questions!

Later Days


Ladies Who Lift

I always remember that I love lifting when I start to lift again after taking a break. Insanity Max 30 focuses on using your body weight (think push-ups, planks, and tricep dips) to build muscle, which don’t get me wrong, is amazing and did tone my arms and legs quite a bit, but there is just something about picking up some free weights and doing bicep curls and sqauts that does my body (and booty) good.

“Stop lifting weights. You’re going to turn into a man”, says my mom. No Mother. I will not all of a sudden turn into a Mr. Olympia contestant. Contrary to popular belief, women will not “bulk up” if they lift weights. Strength training will actually give you lean, slender and defined muscles (think Michelle Obama arms), so don’t be afraid to lift! Although, my summer work pants from last year no longer fit due to my current “quadzilla situation”( I am no longer a size petite in the thigh area).

Women, by being women, do not have testosterone, and therefore will not bulk up (myth busted). But there is a certain strength that comes from within when you push through a drop set of weighted Bulgarian squats that makes you feel like you can conquer the world. Go on, give it a try. You may thank me or hate my guts afterward.

I was having trouble deciding which Beachbody program to do while training for the Broad Street Run. My race training plan is pretty simple. Run three days a week (long run on Saturdays), cross train 2 days, and have 2 rest days. Well, let’s just say those rest days turned into cross training days, just because I can’t take that many days off (#teamnodaysoff). Strength training is very popular in the running community because increased muscle mass= faster running and more endurance. Just what every runner wants. Sign me up.

I had been looking at the 21 Day Fix Extreme since it was released in February or March and was sold. I had tremendous results with the original program and since I had just finished Max 30, I could handle the challenge and I would be lifting again and still working out only 30 minutes a day. Score!

I was not ready… and thanks to Beachbody on Demand, I was able to start the program before my DVDs came in the mail. Amazeballs. On deck for Monday…Plyo Fix Extreme. The back story, Plyo and I are not friends. In fact, we are not even aquaintances. I don’t know if I am uber uncoordinated or jumping and my knees don’t have a good working relationship, but everytime I hear the world Plyo, I cringe. But with any journey, you have to do things that you don’t want to so I sucked it up and pressed play. The modifier was jumping. Hold please. Smaller jumps, but she was still jumping. Autumn does not mess around.

 My only saving grace is that Monday is Plyo day so at least I get it out of the way. I will admit, the moves are getting easier to do, but I will not be getting any air like Michael Jordan on my squat jumps.Oh and if Plyo wasn’t enough Wednesday is Pilates… with resistance bands day. Crazy town. Pilates alone gets my butt and abs buring so just think what adding extra resistance does.

For my first round, I used 5 and 8lbs weights, which worked in the begining, but last week I felt like I wasn’t getting a “good” workout. So this week I deceided to increase my weight… which increased the sweat factor! I am actually excited to see what the increase in weight will do.

But that’s not all folks…. the 21 day Fix Extreme also comes with these awesome color-coded containers so you know exactly how much of each food group (protein, carbs, fruits, veggies, healthy fats, and oils) to eat eah day. This is a total game changer. Fitness and nutrition in one deal, plus the workouts are only 30 minutes and the enitre program is three weeks.

Off to through some weight around.

Later Days!

Hit the Road B

Full disclosure…. my fitness journey did not start with Beachbody. Gasp!! My road to fitness actually started on the road. I was looking to challenge myself about 4 years ago, so I decided to register for the Broad Street Run.  Never heard of it? It is quite possibly the most popular road race in Philadelphia. 10 miles through… wait 10 miles? Who would want to run 10 miles for fun??? Who would want to pay to run 10 miles through Philadelphia? This crazy girl. I found a running group that offered training for beginner runners and signed up. I was ready for the challenge

Training went well. I knew I wasn’t the fastest of the bunch and that was ok. I was ready for the endless  miles, possible cramps, shortness of breath, and the joy of crossing the finish line. I was not prepared for near 80 degree weather that greeted me on that first Saturday in May.  I remember running through the many fire hydrants that were opened along the course to help stave off overheating. I am happy to report that not only did I cross the finish line on my own to feet.

Flash forward a couple of years…. I had been thinking about running off and on for about a year.  I had stopped due to household budget cuts and could not longer afford race fees, sneakers, and membership fees. When I started to think about getting back into running, I wondered if my muscles would remember what it was like to run up and down Kelly Drive. I wondered if my running shoes that have been in the back of the closet where still ok to run in. I wondered if my spirit would remember what it was like to be at peace along the river, remember what it was like to just let everything go and truly be in the moment.

So listening to my gut, I entered the Broad Street run lottery. The race has gotten so popular over the past 2 years that they have instituted a random draw lottery (insert gratuitous Hunger Games reference here). So I signed up, waited two weeks and at 4:30 on a Monday morning, I got the email. I would be running Broad Street!! Fear and excitement ran (hehe) through my body! I was lucky enough to get a spot! I would be running Broad Street. Holy Shit…. I will be running 10 miles and I hadn’t ran in 2 years. What is a girl to do??

I guess the odds were ever in my favor

Dust off her shoes and hit the road. That’s what. I found an old training plan, wrote out my running/PiYo schedule in my planner.  Luckily for me, I would finish Max 30 the Friday before my training began. But that was exercise endurance.Would that transfer into running endurance???

There was only one way to find out. My first day of training, after work, I put on a pair of sweatpants, a Nike hoodie (best piece of winter wear ever!), turtle fur headband, a good playlist and off I went.

I don’t know if it was increased fitness level, my increased iron levels (more on that later), or my new found confidence, but once I started running, it was like I had never stopped. I found my stride and did not hold back. I was supposed to run only a mile and a half that first day, but due to some fuzzy math, I ran 2 and half miles with no problem. And on top of that, I felt like I was running faster and after looking at my Nike GPS watch I was. For the first time in my life, I ran a sub 11 minute mile. What the cuss!!!!  For me, that is like Kara Goucher speed. And that was just the first day.

Saturday would be the test… My first long run. 3 miles….

How could you not have an awesome run with a view like this!

It was cold, but absolutely breath taking. There is nothing like running along a snow covered Kelly Drive with the sun shining brightly and Debroah Cox blasting in your headphones. So totally stoked for this week’s runs. Oh and my pace for 3 miles…. 10:50. Thanks Shaun T!!

Later Days

Insanity Max 30 – The first 30 days

I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I was prepared for the complete butt whooping that was going to take place.I knew I was going to be pushed mentally and physically. I knew that it this was going to be the toughest workout that I had ever done. And that’s what I wanted. I wanted to push myself to the absolute limits. I wanted to see how far I could actually go. That’s why I bought Insanity Max 30 because I knew Shaun T would bring it. And he did.The first week it was all physical. There were times when I physically couldn’t do another rep because I would pass out or throw up. But after that, it was all mental. I knew that if I pushed past a certain point, I could make it to the end of the workout!

Cardio Challenge: This is basically a fit test. All cardio, all the time. Each interval is made up of three exercises that you repeat for three rounds and then you get  a water break. I knew that if I could just get through the last interval, I would get a water break. Getting there was 95% mental.

Tabata Power: The first time I did this workout, I thought my arms were going to fall off. Well, at least I knew what part of my fitness I need to work on! Push-ups, push-ups and more push-ups!! I got through the leg exercises just fine, but anything having to do with my arms was pure torture, especially triceps dips. After the second workout, it turned into mind over body. I knew that if I could get through the 3rd interval without taking breaks, I could make it to the end of the workout. And that’s what I did!!

Sweat Intervals: And it’s time for cardio again!!! Who doesn’t like a good sweat fest. Even more intervals and some ab work too! An amazing intense cardio work out that will have to wondering, why am I doing this and when can I do it again!

Tabata Strength: Well, if Tabata Power wasn’t enough, Shaun T decides to turn it up a couple of notches with this program. The first time I saw the first exercise, I stopped and said out loud, “are you crazy?” This workout is no flippin joke. Just when I thought my arms and shoulders were getting stronger, Shaun T showed me otherwise. To be honest, there were times when I cried and grunted my way through some of the intervals. But I soon realized that I love Tabata style workouts! Just before I pass out, the interval is over! Yeah! There is a reason this program starts during week 3.

Friday Fight Round 1: Ok. If you thought Monday through Thursday was tough, just wait until Friday!!! For me, if I am doing a timed interval or circuit, I live for the water breaks. For the beginning of the week, water breaks are every five minutes. Rough, but doable. Not on Friday. For a 30 minute workout, you get three water breaks. For reals dude? And if that is not enough, Shaun T decides that it would be  great idea to repeat the toughest exercises of the week during one program. Sheesh. Burpee lunges, squat kicks, Ab attack. triceps dips. All the good stuff wrapped up in a nice little package. Honestly, the hardest workout I have ever done! I am the first workout where I laid out on the floor when it was done!

Overall Thoughts: Shaun T said that he was going to kick my butt and he did. I knew going into this, before I even hit pay now on the Beachbody website, that I was in for a tough workout. This program pushed me mentally and physically harder than any other program that I have done before (and that includes T25). Obviously I learned that strength training is my weakness, especially triceps work, but I am getting better. My cardio has improved tremendously over the past month and most importantly, my mental toughness to get through and push past the pain has increased as well!

So who wants to see some pics???

Day 1


Whoa! Mind blown! My arms and legs grew a little bit,but the biggest change… 2 inches off of my hips. In 30 Days. And only 30 more to go!
Can’t wait for Shaun T to bring it!!!
Later Days!