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Relaxation Through Kniting on the Chestnut Hill East Train

Public transportation is a glorious thing, especially when you are trying to get 50 thousand things done in a day. Thankfully, I live within walking distance to a train station and take regional rail to and from work every day. My ride is approximately 30 minutes each way which gives me an hour of “what to do with my life time.” I used to read, learn Spanish, troll Facebook, and post on Instagram during my commute while being surrounded by total strangers who I see very day, but now I put my time doing good use. Now I knit.


My normal knitting situation

At first it was a means to an end. I was working on a rather large project with a strict deadline and needed to find time in the day to work on it. “Why not bring it on the train? You have nothing else to do with your time,” I thought to myself. I was a little apprehensive about working on it outside of my house and/or the yarn store. Would I be starred at? Would the constant clicking of my needles piss someone of? Would it get messed up? Would it end up smelling like the train? A thousand thoughts ran through my head, but in the end, into the bag and onto the train my knitting went.

And what a glorious decision it was. Soon, my ride wasn’t so bad. With each passing knit and purl stitch, my anxiety and stress disappeared. In the morning, I would walk into work with a feeling of accomplishment, and by the time I get home, I could actually function and not just sit on the edge of the bed contemplating the meaning of life while simultaneously trying to muster up enough energy to feed the dog, let alone workout.

I didn’t think anything of it. I was in my own little world on the Chestnut Hill East train. Ellie Goulding, Adele, Hillsong United, and Hamilton all provided the soundtrack for my knitting time. I soon figured out that if I sat down and got started right away, I could get three rows (153 stitches per row, you can do the rest of the math) done before my stop. Soon, the rows added up and the blanket, which I thought I was never going to finish, was simply perfect. One day, while taking a break to untangle my skeins, I noticed a young woman crocheting a scarf. A small smile appeared on my face and I said to myself, “There is someone else like me. Welcome to the club.”

And what are the side effects of not knitting? Not good. The past couple of days have provided some pretty crowded trains and alas, no knitting time. It was not god for my soul at all. I just wanted to break out my knitting, but I couldn’t. The shame, the horror of it all. Let’s just say, I am a lot happier when I knit..

I really didn’t think that anyone was watching me until Monday when I brought a new project on the train. An older woman tapped my on the leg and said, “You have a wonderful hobby. Did you finish the other project? It was so pretty. I need to take classes. My mother used to crochet, but I never picked it up. Have a great day.” That woman has no idea how good she made me feel that morning. I wanted to hug her, but that would have been a bit much. I practically skipped into work. And that wasn’t the only place my knitting has been. This one particular project made it to Barbados and back! Talk about begin held captive to 4 hours each way!


Knitting at 30,000 feet

So now I am a card carrying member of the “I knit in public crowd” and I am damn proud of it. I am no longer afraid to whip my knitting out on a crowded train and breathe a sweet sigh of relief when I have a seat all to myself so I can spread out . If you’re a crafty person and take the train, bus, camel, or subway for the love off all the fluffy alpacas and sheep, bring you knitting with you! You will be amazed at how quickly the ride goes, how quickly you finish your projects and how relaxed.

Now, where is that sweater pattern I put down years ago?

Later Days