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How I Conquered My Soft Pretzel Habit

Well, I did it! I finished the Ultimate Reset. Yes it was a couple of weeks ago, and yes I am just getting around to writing about it now. Don’t judge me Bro.

The Final Countdown

I went into the last week of the Ultimate Reset knowing that I had come so far and there was nothing that was going to stop me. I planned my meals, and by planned, I mean actually wrote out what I was going to eat each day (even on the weekends). I had finally purchased enough food (and then some) to last me the entire week. And I had made a commitment to myself to do yoga every day.

Before I knew it, Day 21 had arrived and it was glorious. I had completed the most intense 21 days of my life. I had made it to the finish line. You know by now that I keeps it 100%. So I do have a slight confession to make. I had a party to go to at 2pm on Sunday, so I go up super early and took my supplements and water as I was supposed to, so that I would be “done” by 2pm . Again, don’t judge me bro. I finished the damn thing didn’t I? I knew that I was going to be hard, and at times it was. When the cupcakes and salt water taffy were staring me in the face. When the lovely aroma of a Whopper Junior danced into my nostrils. Yes, the temptation was strong and real, but my resolve to complete this, was so much stronger.

So What Are Your Results?

Yeah, yeah I know what you are saying. Mentally you got your shit together, but what about your weight? How much weight did you lose? As I stated in my Day 1 post, the scale and I broke up a long time ago. I only know how much I weighed during week 2 (145 lbs) because I went to the doctor. But I did shrink a little. See for yourself:


Photographer I am not, but damn that’s a difference!

Not to toot my own horn, but damn girl! And that is with no cardio, eating fruits and vegetables, drinking a shit ton of water, and taking supplements. How bout them apples? From my estimation (pants size) I went from a size 4/6 to a 2/4. Time to go shopping ( the Banana Republic Outlet on Chestnut Street is my new happy place).

Life After the Ultimate Reset

In case you are wondering,  I did have meat and dairy after the Reset. I did not eat an entire cow, but there may have been some hot wings, milkshakes, cheese wiz fries, and a glorious Dalessandro’s cheesesteak. And you know what…. I am not digging the meat. I can really do without it. I used to be the queen of the Surf and Turf (I was that 7 year old ordering lobster and steak at dinner. Thanks Daddy). But I am now Team No Meat, for the majority of the month. That doesn’t mean that when Shark Week comes around, I would deprive myself of the meat that I am craving, but it is not longer a staple of my diet.

Another good thing about the Ultimate Rest (there really are no cons) is that I learned to be adventurous with my food and cooking techniques. I used to cook the shit out of food. Like cook it beyond recognition. Zucchini isn’t supposed to be mushy? Who knew! A salad with only 5 ingredients can fill me up for hours and only takes minutes to prepare? Sign me up! Cooking is now one of the most relaxing parts of my week (besides yoga). I get lost in chopping, stirring, and sautéing and before I know it, 2 hours has flown by and I don’t have to worry about what I am eating all week. And me and bad carbs have had a permanent break up. Well, I do have a thing for salt and vinegar potato chips, I don’t know where that came from, but I have not had popcorn or a soft pretzel in about a month. These used to be required eating. Not anymore. It all about replacing food, not removing it.

My New Soulmate Workout

I also don’t miss cardio. I have been on the fence about what program to do now that I can workout strenuously. but my heart and mind continue to go back to yoga. I really have no drive to get all sweaty and throw some weight around. I’m saying that now, but things my change. Never say never. But yoga will always be a part of my workout/mindfulness routine, I think I have find my true soulmate workout. The stress and frustration of the day goes away after one big inhale. After one sun salutation, I am in the zone! After 30 minutes, yoga brain in full effect For the uninitiated, yoga brain is that blissful state when nothing matters, People could curse you out and you could care less. All is right with the world. It is an amazing and additicitve feeling.

Should You Do The Ultimate Reset?

This program was amazing!!! In three weeks, I got rid of my dependency on chocolate and soft pretzels. I found the calming and restorative powers of yoga and meditation, and that I sucked as a cook. The Ultimate Reset is perfet for those who want to make the transition to vegan or vegetarian, are looking to do a deep detox where you can eat, or want to get right with themselves. The program is super easy to follow. Everything is lad out and you just have to follow the plan. Is it hard? Yes. Will there be temptation? Absolutely! But you are capable of doing anything you put your mind to!

I sure was!

If you have any questions about the Ultimate Reset, or are interested in the program, comment below or email me at

Later Days,







How Cheesy Crack Sticks Can Keep You Employed

Sometimes just sometimes, my job can be a little, how shall I say this nicely, “challenging”. Whether it is dealing with a not so happy person over the phone or face to face, there are numerous times during the day when I want to bang my head against my desk to prove that 1.) this is real life 2.) I am actually awake, and 3.) to keep me from doing or saying something that will get me fired. Instead of one masochistic behavior, I choose another, snacking. Yes, snacking can and is good for you, if you choose the right snack. For me, cheesy crack sticks work for me.

Fruit, veggies, and nuts are all healthy and amazing snacks, which you should each by the way, but nothing makes me feel like I am floating in the clouds surrounded by rainbows and unicorns than a couple of soft pretzels, a bag of cheese puffs or a couple of fun sized Snickers bars. There have been days, today included, when I have brought healthy snacks with me to work, but will still go get a bag of cheesy crack sticks (cheese puffs) from the vending machine after a difficult phone call. I know that I should eat the tasty blood oranges from Trader Joe’s, but they don’t soothe the savage beast like the cheesy crack sticks do. Why is that? Seriously, why does crappy food make my feel all warm and fuzzy inside?


The ultimate mood stabilizer

After some extensive research (Googling), I found scientific proof that cheesy crack sticks of goodness were in fact, responsible for my improved mood. According to a study by the University of Leuven in Belgium, people who were given a saline solution while listen to depressing music and viewing pictures of people with sad facial expressions became 4% more depressed, while those given a fatty solution under the same conditions where hardly affected.

Say what?!?! There is scientific proof that those cheesy crack sticks are a mood enhancer? The research shows that the improved mood is not only caused by the taste and feel of crappy food, but also a chemical reaction in our brains and tummies that make us snap back to Happy Land. Thank you Sweet Baby Jesus, for proving that I am not completely losing my mind in my assumption of the power of crappy food to mellow out the mind. While I won’t switch to a diet made up of only Butterscotch Krimpets, Soft Pretzels, and cheesy crack sticks, at least my anxiety can be put at ease knowing that these no-so-good for you foods are doing their job of stopping me from putting my head through a wall during normal business hours.

So when you are about to jump off the deep end at work and possible do something that will land you a meeting with the HR Department, back away from the ledge and go get a bag of chips, cookies, or a cupcake. You, your coworkers, and your employment status will be grateful for the decision. Me, I am going to raid the vending machine and stock up on cheesy crack sticks. One must always be prepared.

Later Days,