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What’s On the Needles

There is light at the end of the tunnel peeps!!! Just a few more hours of mindless stockinette knitting and my folded poncho will be complete!! Right in time for the dog days of Summer, or a frigid office. Thank goodness for space heaters or I would an icicle! It will be a  nice piece to wear on cold crisp fall evenings, in the office,  or on a place or bus ride.

I won’t use all 9 skeins yarn, and what a delicious yarn it is. I am so sad that Blue Sky Alpaca discontinued their Melange line. It is so soft and squishy. I could hug it all day. The perfect yarn for a sweater, scarf, or poncho (go figure). I think I’ll have enough for a small accessory like wrist warmers or a hat.

Such a wonderful way to decompress on the train ride home

And guess what else I got to try out as well? My handy dandy blocking wires. Can we say life saver much?!? Although it was a little tough maneuvering the thin wires through wet wool, I was super excited about the result. My damn near 5 ft long fabric was blocked into a perfect rectangle which made seaming a cinch. I will be using them more often. Even for small projects. It will probably be overkill, but I don’t care.

Bella inspecting my work, or trying to attack the wires. You decide

Fingers, toes, and knitting needles crossed, I get this puppy finished this weekend and then….. SOCKS! That’s right, I will be attempting to knit my first pair of socks. Wish me luck!

Later Days!


Thanks to C. Bug for commenting on my last #SGP post!  I know it was a while ago. Sorry about that 🙁 But thanks to her comment, I have decided to be bold and take action to solve my #singlegirlproblems. That’s right folks, Bianca is officially on the prowl. This tigress is ready to roar!

Should be Nala, but you get the idea

Time to buck and hit the social scene! And why not start out with a bang. Two events this weekend… Three if you count my normally scheduled bi-weekly happy hour. Yes, this girl is in it to win it, and by it, I mean a man. Just like C. Bug said, I need to be bold and just do it! So that is what I am going to do! And it scares the crap out of me. Feel the fear and do it anyway!

We all know about my lack of small talk skills and how I am “great” I am at meeting new people, so this will be a giant leap out of my solo comfort zone a snuggly goodness. But it is a leap that have to make if I ever want to be in a relationship, let alone get married and have kids. I guess they are right when they say the thing that scares you the most will bring you the greatest joy.

I hope they are right about that…

I guess I need to set some realistic expectations for myself. Like “Bianca, there is a 99.99% chance that your Prince Charming may be at this party on Sunday, but do not look for him in that has his pants below his ass. You have standards sweetheart.” But how do you let your guard down without seeming totally desperate? And is there a way to correct resting bitch face? If anyone knows, please pass your secret on to m

I could make a list of a thousand reasons why I should stay home and watch the Golden Girls while eating a pint of coconut milk ice cream, but where would that get me? Right where I am. A Single gilr with a lot of problems.

But something to so this week is not one of them!

Later Days

Thalassemia – The Verdict

What up Peeps! When we last left our heroine, she was in search  of, or confirmation of the cause of her ridiculously low iron levels. Sorry, I had to got there. At times during the past few months, this journey has felt like a soap opera. I haven’t been to the doctors this much in my entire life. Well after months of taking iron pills, revamping my diet, and adding more vitamin supplements than are humanly possibly thanks to Frankie (7 pills), my iron levels are amazing! And my addiction to ice is gone! Like completely non-existent. Talk about a complete 180.

By now, I am a professional at getting blood taken

I went from 6.2 (should not have been unconscious) in January, to 9 in April, to a whopping 13 yesterday. My doctor was shocked at how much my levels increased. She even said my numbers were “beautiful”. Say what?!? I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I am only taking one iron pill a day instead of two. Whoops! Let’s keep that between us shall we? I’m still on iron pills for another 4 months, but after that , long medium size red pills that are not covered by insurance!

She was so impressed with my numbers that I had to remind her about the whole Thalassemia thing. And guess what??? I have the trait!!! Why am I so hype? Because I finally have confirmation that there is something funky going on with my blood! It’s one thing to assume that there is something going on, but it’s totally different and liberating to have confirmation. Now if I go get some blood work done and my iron count is low, they won’t call me frantically at work telling me to
go to the ER and then be told that I need a blood transfusion. Hooray.

There is one caveat. Of course there is always something right? If I so happen to meet someone who also carries the trait, our potential children could have Beta Thalassemia, the actual disease. I won’t go into specifics but it’s not good…

So there you have it. I’m just a girl with the Thalassemia trait living in the real world. It’s just another thing that make me, me!

Later Days

Live in the 8 Count

It’s finally here! Words cannot contain my excitement. CIZE is now available! I was refreshing my browser like I was waiting for illy Joel tickets to go on sale to get my hands on this
bad boy. SQUEAL!
Why am I so HYPE?!?!? Ok. It may have a little to do with my love/hate (see previous post) with Shaun T. I seriously love and hate him, sometimes in the same moment. He taught me to dig deeper and to push myself farther than I thought possible during my workouts. He also had me questioning my sanity on several occasions. Now, he is redefining exercise. Exhibit A:
See what I mean! I’m sweating my butt off and having the time of my life dancing in my apartment while my dog looks at me crazy. Getting a good workout in doesn’t have to mean pushing yourself to the brink of near exhaustion. Now you can get you groove on and burn mad calories and not even realize what you are doing!!! It’s literally your own personal dance class with Shaun T. Wanna take a class with me?
Yup, you know I had to do it!!! I loved “You Got This” as soon as I tried in on eachbody on Demand, so I’m totes excited for the entire program. We’ll dance together for 30 days, supporting each other through the entire program, drinking healthy shakes, eating clean, and getting in ridic shape all while having fun! Lets………
That’s right folks! Class starts August 10th!!! With a preview week August 3rd. For more information or to sign up, please send me an email at or follow me on Instagram @beebeehart.
I’m so ready to CIZE it up with you!
Later Days!


So where does a girl who has #singlegirlproblems go to meet
guys? And please don’t tell me the grocery store. I hate grocery shopping
anyway. Adding the tasks of scoping out potential companions while picking out the perfect bag of grapes will just send me off the deep end. Obviously my OK Cupid experiment is bust if I can’t
get past messages with bad grammar and men with atrocious usernames. So it’s on to good, old fashion meetings.
It is the summer and being cooped up in the house staring at
the furry ones (as appealing as it may sound) is not how I intend to spend these next few glorious months. Where should I go? What should I do? AHHHH!
I’m serious. It’s not like I am a crazy cat lady and stay
in my apartment all the time. I do go out to social events and happy hours, but
I suck at mixing and mingling. Like , really suck at it. Small talk and chit chatter aren’t my thang. Which I guess is why I am still single. But who doesn’t
like a good happy hour special after a crazy day at work?


Or maybe the social setting is not the problem. Maybe it’s
me and a lack of social skills. I think I am a pretty sociable person. I mean I
talk to people, but am I not sociable enough? I don’t want to fling myself on a
guy or seem to needy. We all know that is not me.What is a single girl to do!!!! I’m asking for any tips, tricks, suggestions, anything. I’m at my wits ends on this one. I literally don’t know what to do with this one!

Something to ponder over ice cream or several bottles of wine…. I’ll go with the wine!

Later Days


The Tiny Feline Terrorist

My apartment has been taken over by a tiny feline terrorist. I am exaggerating (slightly), but that is what it feels like. 
I really don’t know how it happened. Actually, I know
exactly how. A neighbor asked me if I wanted to see the new kitten that had
been rescued. I said sure and met the most adorable grey ball of fluff ever.
She was so cute, cuddly, and social. Then I heard…. “Do you want the kitten?”
Ummm. I was not looking for another pet. I was that last resort for a Min
Pin who needed a home. We had a good thing going, just the three of us.  A kitten was not in the cards. But how could I
say no to such a cute face? Before I knew it, I had cat food, 1 dose of dewormer, and
a 6-week old kitten.
Don’t let the cute face fool you
What have I gotten myself into? To say that the two resident
fur balls were not happy is a total understatement. Bella hid under the bed for
an entire day and when she emerged, all she did was hiss and moan at the furry
intruder. Battista didn’t know what to think. He is not used to being bigger
than something. That was a week ago. Now, we are all running from the wee
Ready for the attack
No human (me) or animal (Bella and Battista) are immune from
her stealth attacks. Either she is chasing tails (her own included) or trying
to gouge my eyes or bite my nose. True story, I can’t look directly into her
eyes. If I stare too long, she goes in for the kill. Like tiny paw trying to
gouge my eye out attack. Nothing will stop her from climbing on everything
(tables, shower curtains, plants) or everyone (me). Seriously, she will climb
up my body and perch herself on my shoulder like she conquered Mt. Everest. It
is quite alarming when you are trying to put make up on or brush your teeth. And
speaking of teeth, her little baby teeth are no joke. How do I know? She likes
to use my fingers as a teething ring. It’s all cute until you think she is
about to bite straight through your finger. 
Blurry pic, but you can see the fear in Battista’s eyes….
She has two speeds. Asleep and fast. When she asleep, she is
the perfect little angel. When she is awake, watch out. Did I just describe a
toddler? Is this what having kids is like? Let me get some more wine.
 I am not
second guessing my decision. Although I am constantly questioning my sanity
when I made the decision every time I hear her run full speed across the room,
or when think that Battista is trying to eat her, but they are only playing. I

I learned that there is an owner for the cat,
so this may just be a foster situation so the Tiny Terrorist may be leaving our
humble abode soon. If not, I hope, so everyone’s sanity, this kitten phase
passes quickly. I’ll be heading out for more wine just in case.

Later Days



I know that I have been posting a lot (ok, maybe slightly obsessive amounts)
about fitness and Beachbody. Hey, it’s what I do now and I just want to shout
it from the roof tops and spread the love. But that is just a part of who I am.
I am a fitness addict, Disney freak and knitting nerd. Yes, I knit and I’m
proud of it.
I taught myself to knit around 7 years ago. Time flies when you’re having fun. I
was looking for a hobby, something to do besides sit on the couch and eat potato
chips after work and on the weekends. I went to the closest Jo-Ann or Michaels
I can’t remember which one, got a “learn to knit” book, a skein (ball) of cheap
yarn and I was on my way to becoming obsessed with knitting. Like seriously
obsessed. I spent a lot of money on any type and color yarn and notion that I
could get my hands on to make uneven and holey scarfs. You can never have too
many stitch markers or skeins of yarn. My first projects, although major personal
accomplishments, were not something that I would wear inside my house with the
lights out, but I made them. I made something.
Once I “mastered” knitting and purling, I made the move up from “craft store” yarn
to actual yarn store yarn. I cannot describe the absolute euphoria and happy
warm and fuzzies that came over me when I stepped into Loop, my LYS (local yarn
store) for the first time. It felt like I was in the land of unicorns,
gumdrops, and candy canes. I had found my happy place. And that feeling never goes
away. And neither does shelling out 20 bucks for one skein of yarn. It’s worth
it. Trust me.
What do I knit? Mostly selfish projects. You know. Stuff for me. Hats, leg warmers,
little things like that.  I have knit
myself a sweater. I am so proud of that thing. Even if it is made with the
scratchiest yarn in the most horrible shade of green. I got the yarn in a knitting
swap so it didn’t cost me anything, and enough yarn to make a sweater can be
pretty expensive. But it is my sweater and I love it, even if I only wear it
once or twice a year.
But like most of the things I do, knitting has fallen to the wayside. It has been a
while since I have picked up the needles but I am determined to finish my
folded poncho, as well as the 4 or 5 projects I rediscovered while tackling my
yarn stash a few weeks ago. I need to get back into it because it is meditation
for me. It calms me down, especially if it is an easy pattern and I have a
couple glasses of wine while binge watching Netflix. To me, there is nothing
more relaxing than the sound of knitting needles clicking away through purl and
knit stitches or the feeling of soft and fluffy baby alpaca yarn. Oh, you didn’t
know they made yarn from the wool of baby alpacas? Well they do, and you should
go squeeze a skein. It is life changing.
So here is to now more UFO’s (unfinished objects)
and meditating through knits and purls. And a nice glass of wine.
Later Days!



Hola Amigos!

This year, I decided to expand my horizons and skills with
personal development. This goes above and beyond the books that I read (or
should be reading) daily as well as my 52-week Bible reading plan. This is
about adding a skill that will make me more well-rounded and be useful at some
point down the line. How about learning another language?
I had taken Spanish in middle and high school and I remember
bits and pieces of it. Please don’t ask me to translate a doctoral thesis or anything,
but just enough to kind of make it in case of an emergency.
Everyone knows about Rosetta Stone. The simple and fast way
to learn a language for only $229 for sets 1-3 on Amazon. Yeah, this chick does
not have the financial freedom to shell out 200 bucks to learn a
language. But, I do have the internet and can download the Duolingo app on my
phone, iPad, and use their webpage for free. 
That’s right folks. I am learning
Spanish for free! 
This program is super easy to use and fun. Each lesson takes
less than 10 minutes to complete, so you can go through multiple lessons in a
day. There are multiple choice, written and audio translation questions
throughout each lesson and some are repetitive to make sure you get the
Duolingo also makes you strengthen your skills so you do not
forget words or phrases. The program also sends you push notifications and
email reminders to complete your daily lesson. You also get points that you can
use to freeze your learning streak or learn how to flirt in Spanish (seriously,
I just took the lesson). And all of this from the comfort of your home or
phone. I usually do this on the train in the morning on my way to work.
Don’t want to learn Spanish? Interested in Italian, French,
or Esperanto? No fear! Duolingo has to covered. For free.
Vamanos a ahora! (Go to now!)
Later Days



Fior this week’s analysis, I give you the following:
Good Morning how are
you? I like your profile and what you stand for. What I’m bout I’m born again
Christian that a strong foundation in my faith. I’m very outgoing, down to
earth and have a great sense of humor. I love to tell koke and make people
laugh all the time. I’m very through provocating, intellectual and love to have
deep conversation about life and etc. I’m very caring and loving person that do
not judge but show strong support those that are in needs.
Dear Smooth3033,
Thank you so much for writing more than one
sentence which did not begin with or contain the words hey, sexy, beautiful
and/or girl. I appreciate the fact that you took the time to let me know a
little bit more bout you. However… I am trying so hard to work on my quirks and
nuances. It would have helped your chances somewhat if you would have
taken a few moments to proof read your message. I did get the gist of it, after
reading it a couple of times and filling in the missing words in my head.
Again, thank you for your message and for deactivating your
Take Care,
I am really working hard on not
judging people and letting my “list” of requirements get in the way of meeting
my Mr. Right, but come on! All it takes is a few minutes to look over your
writing and correct it so that I don’t have to guess what you are saying. That’s
all I am asking. Is that too much? Please let me know if I am completely out of
bounds here.
And it is quite refreshing, that in
time where men are not comfortable expressing their feelings freely, Mr.
Smooth3033 felt comfortable enough to share your feelings with me, although
completely grammatically incorrect. But thanks for trying.
I guess what I am trying to get at,
for me, it’s the simple things that I find attractive in a man. Sense of humor,
funny, smart, employed, and can write a paragraph in complete sentences.
Later Days,


P.S. Or maybe this happened…