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Where’s the Will Power????

I know that I will be dating myself, but does anyone remember the Wendy’s commerical with the old lady and she asks, “Where’s the beef?” Well, I find myself asking, “Where’s the will power?”

I know, and my instagram (@beebeehart) followers know that my workout schedule is on point. That is now an automatic, no-brainer, non-negotiable activity (it didn’t used to be) unless I am really sick or my body is telling me to rest. I drink a gallon of water a day. Eating, that is another story.

I love me some carbs….

I have all the intention in the world of eating right. I drink my Shakeology in the moring, pack my lunch and snacks, drink water, the whole bit. And then someone says, “Chipotle for lunch?” All of a sudden, my spinach and qunioa seems totally unappealing and I am drooling over the thought of guac and chips. My mind is telling me, “so you’re just gonna throw that ridiculously hard Max 30 workout out of the window?” And my stomach replies, in typical fashion, “shut up, I’m eating my burrito bowl.”

Ugh the struggle! WHERE IS MY WILL POWER!!! Doing the 21 Day Fix, I was so good. I would pack my meals and snacks and be set for the day. Someone would ask, what’s for lunch and I would say, “I already ate.” But after a while, I fell off the portion control wagon and my taste buds took over. Granted, it is not as bad as it used to be (I cut out a lot, a lot of processed foods and allow myself “treat meals” on the weekends). I know I need to tackle my nutrition and meal planning harder, but gosh dangit, it is so hard.

Maybe I got bored with eating the same thing every week. Maybe I just like potato chips over apples (but Trader Joe’s dried seaweed is amazeballs). Or, just maybe I lack the will power to put down the damn candy bar and pick up a carrot.

And what they say is true. Healthy living to 80% eating and 20% working out. Nailed the 20%. The 80%….. that’s a work in progress. I am probably beating myself up for a process that takes time. But does it really take more than 21 days to establish healthy eating habits? I guess it does when you have the will power of a gnat.

So, now that we have addressed the problem, how do I fix it? I can’t just put on an electric shock collar that knocks me on my butt with 100 volts when I touch a chocolate chip cookie and I can’t live in a bubble where the only food allowed in isorganic, non-gmo, hasn’t been touch by a chemcial or someone who may have be in contact with chemcials within the past 30 seconds. I guess the only options is to….. get some will power.

No one said that changing lifestyles would be easy, but I didn’t think that my resistance to eating strawberries over french fries would be so low. I mean really low. *face plant on desk*. No one is perfect and neither is the road to a healthy lifestyle.

Time to buck up, get some will power and tackle this clean eating thing head on. Oh look, cake!

Later Days Peeps!

My Why…

A lot of the personal development books that I have read over the past few months have said the same thing about setting and achieving goals:

1.) Write them down and review them daily, weekly, and monthly;
2.) Make them public so that others hold you accountable;
3.) Make them specific, with time frames and details. (but not to strict so that you set yourself up for failure before you even start);
4.) Have an strong Why –  Why are you doing this? How will achieving this goal change you life?

Why??? That’s a very good and very deep question. Why did I decided to become a Beachbody Coach? Why am I doing this? Why am I flooding people’s Facebook and Instagram feeds with sweaty selfies, Max Out times, Disney pics, and motivational posts? Why am I putting myself out there for the entire world to see and comment on? Why???

I would be totally lying to you if I didn’t say that I am in it for the money. This is my second job. My plan is to use my Beachbody pay to pay off debt, establish a savings account, stop living paycheck to paycheck and travel.

But after going to Summit, listening to Corporate conference calls, and reading personal development books, my focus started to shift. It shifted away from what I can do for myself to what I can do for other people.

Beachbody changed my life. Beachbody changed my life. If it was not for Chalene Johnson and Turbo Fire, I have no idea where I would be right now and seriously, I don’t even want to think about it. Turbo Fire gave me an outlet when I needed one. When I needed to get away from the pressures of real life and trying to keep everything together in my life on a wing and a prayer. After doing Turbo Fire and them being introduced to T25, I knew that I was a Beachbody customer for life. But then I found out that I could not only be a customer, but also a Coach and help other people change their lives through Beachbody.

Let the Insanity Begin!!!

The day finally came…. January 5, 2015…. Day one of Insanity Max 30. I had been scared/excited about this day ever since I clicked the order now button. I was mostly scared because I know how intense Shaun T is and was mortified at the possibility of passing out in the middle of a workout and having to be revived by puppy kisses. But I was also totally stoked. This workout program is a game changer!! The main goal is to fail. What???? Come again???? You are supposed to push until you can’t do another rep. You literally max out!! This concept is amazing. For a while I have been “getting through” workouts, going hard enough, but not too hard that I couldn’t finish an entire workout or interval. But now Shaun T is telling me, actually yelling at me to Max Out. How cool is that?

So , how excited was I start this program….. I actually took Before pics….

There is nothing more frightening, enlightening, or motivating than actually seeing a full length picture of yourself. But here it is. We all have areas that we want to improve. One of my goals for this year is to finally combat my FTS (fluffy tummy syndrome) and get some abs. And what they say is true. Abs are 80% diet, and 20% exercise, so cleaning up the diet is definitely a high priority as well. And from the looks of things, lifting the booty has been added to the list.

Since it is January 6th, that means that I have completed 2 workouts. Monday was Cardio Challenge, it is a fit test that you do every week to measure your endurance. I will be honest. Even though I thought I was gong to belch up my heart, it was so much fun! I was actually laughing during the workout. The only other time that happens is during Tony Horton’s Cat/Cow joke during X3 Yoga. And I lasted longer than I thought. I maxed out at 13:30. It was all fun and games until Round 3.

This morning…. Completely different story. Completely different book. Tabata Power….. I almost cried twice. Who does Burpee Lunges and 3 minutes of push ups???? Shaun T does. And the burpee lunges are the first exercise after the warm up. I was not ready. And all of those push ups, the reason I maxed out at 111:18. My arms did not feel normal for a good 10 minutes after the workout.

And what else has Max 30 done for me? I am officially a member of the 5am club. Well close to 5am. Sometimes 5:05. Today, 5:15. But that’s good right? Already Max 30 is helping with some of my personal development goals.

Off to sleep I go since I do have to get up at 5am.

Later Days!

What am I about to do?!?!?

Well tomorrow morning it goes down. I start Insanity Max 30. For the next 60 days, I will push my body to limits that it has never seen before. And I am absolutely mortified. Sure I have done Shaun T workouts in the past. T25 was amazing and intense, but it was no Insanity. I mean, who would do a workout called Insanity in the first place??? (I know a lot of people who have and they love it). Anyway, I was always intrigued by Insanity, but was scared of the workouts because they were so long. When Beachbody announced that Max 30 was being released, I jumped at the chance! Why? It’s really simple, if I am going to go all out and almost pass out, at least I know that in 30 minutes it will be over!

This was my Christmas gift to myself. A 60 day challenge to push myself and change my life. If I can make it through this workout program, I can make it through anything.

So what’s in the box???

What is lurking inside….

Ummmm, should I be this scared and I haven’t even pulled anything out of the box…

Time to Max Out

I’ll admit it. I have been excited to start this workout ever since I heard about. I have been working out regularly (5 days a week) for over a year doing everything from Turbo Fire, to T25, to Les Mills Combat, to P90 X3, to PiYo, but I feel like I am ready to take my workouts and myself to the next level!!!
I can’t wait to workout tomorrow or can I?? Either way, when the alarm goes off at 5am, I’ll be Maxing Out!
Later Days!

Dear Bianca

Dear Bianca,

Well…. 2014 has been on hell of a year! New job, new home, new friends, new business venture and new opportunities. You have grown by leaps and bounds, but you know that you have a ton of leaps ahead of you.

You have learned who to hold on to and who to let go. Explaining the letting go, or should I say not letting back in has been difficult at times, but you have remained steadfast in your decisions and I am proud of you. You are showing people exactly what you will and will not tolerate, and are better for it. Keep tightening your circles!

And what impressive circles you have!! From your young and hip Philly politicos to your Team Uproar FitFam to your BFFs below the Mason Dixon line, you have certainly surrounded yourself with  positive people who only make your light shine brighter.

And remember Bianca, don’t let anyone dim your light. You have just learned to let it shine as bright as the sun and more. Now is not the time to revert back to your old ways, of making everyone else happy in spite of what your gut tells you. And what a mighty gut feeling you have. God has given you the unique ability to see the true nature of people. Who they are and their true intentions are. In 2015, develop this gift even more. Not only to protect yourself, but to be sure that you are in the right company.

2014 has been a major coming out party for you, and you still have your dancing shoes on! Who would have thought that you would jump out of your comfort zone to help people by becoming a Beachbody coach. And not only that, you found a way to get to Las Vegas for Summit!! Sure the business has not taken off as fast as you thought, but you know why…. Fear. Again, Bianca, fear has held you back. Fear of rejection, fear of criticism, fear of comments. Fear has stopped you dead in your tracks from reaching Emerald and even Diamond in 2014. But sweetie, you know 2015 is your year! You will be on stage at Summit in Nashville!

But Nashville is not your only travel destinations, my frequent flyer. Disney World, New Orleans, and maybe a Caribbean getaway are on you itinerary for 2015.

Oh the Places you will go Bianca in 2015! So go, be boldly you, punch fear in the face and attack your goals with reckless abandon.

This is your year!