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Shredding for the Wedding – Day 2

Star Date September 23, 2014

Yesterday went really well. Surprisingly well in fact. I only ate two Hershey’s nuggets as opposed to my usual 6 or 7!! Chocolate Shakeology, a gallon and a half of water, Strawberry Greek non-fat yogurt (kudos to those who can eat yogurt without anything in it), asparagus, turkey burger plain (no bun, lettuce, nothing). I wasn’t as hungry as I thought I would be. And when my stomach did start to express it’s displeasure about the lack of food I had eaten, I either got some more water or chewing gum.

I got a day behind in my workout schedule last week and wanted to get back on track, so after work (much to the dismay of my puppy since I was cutting into his after-dinner recess) I busted through Body Beast Legs and added 21 Day fix 10 minute Abs to the mix for fun. I feel like I could to go up on my weights when working out my legs, the 8 lbs are starting to feel light. Never thought I would say that. Thankfully the ab workout was only 10 minutes because I don’t think I could have lasted a single second longer. My abs felt like they were being smothered in molten lava and hot coals. Sounds fun doesn’t it? Not really, but what do they say, “no pain, no gain” right?

Of course, immediately after my workout, I checked to see if my 6-pack had started to creep through its protective fluffy coating… No such luck (a girl can dream can’t she?). I just reminded myself that it was only the first day, I have 12 more days days left, and I did work out for 2 hours in a 14 hour period. So forward progress is better than no progress at all.

And after all that working out, I slept like a baby. A cool Fall night didn’t hurt either.

Thinking about trying a DIY body wrap this weekend to see if that can speed up the process. Will let you know how that goes..

Who said beauty wasn’t painful.

Later Days!


Shredding for the Wedding – Day 1

Star Date – September 22, 2014: Two of my very dear friends are getting married (to each other) in less then two weeks. The Black Tie/Social Event of my oh so non-existent Social Season.

Black tie….. formal…. Umm… What does one who thinks nice jeans and shoes is dressing up wear to such an occassion??? Something out of her sister’s Manhattan Closet, that’s what. Thank goodness for big sisters with amahazzing fashion sense. After a few misses and “how does this dress go”costume changes, a consensous was reached amongst the group (big sis and mom) on a pretty darn good outfit if I do say so myself. Now it’s time to buckle down on the healthy living so that I can wear the outfit, and the outfit doesn’t wear me.

How will I do it??? That is a good question. One that that I really don’t have a solid answer to. So here is where the science experiment begins. How do I change my diet and workout schedule to get maximum results in less than 14 days…. Point to Ponder…..

Last week, I started a Beachbody hybrid program (2 workout programs at once) with Body Beast (strength training) and Focus T25 (intense cardio). I fell in love with lifting while doing P90X3 and felt like I needed to continue gaining some muscle definition. The last time I did T25 was almost a year ago when I first started using Beachbody programs, and boy did my body let me know! Near death, soaked in sweat, out of breath, but I made it though the 25 minute workout, after lifting for 50 minutes. Score! I forgot just how intense of a workout T25 is and I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things. Thank God for the modifier though.

I’ll admit, my diet has not been up to snuff lately. I was on point a few months ago and saw amazing results with my FTS (Fluffy Tummy Syndrome), but then stress eating at work kicked in, I stopped packing healthy snacks, plus it can be a little expensive to eat clean sometimes (i.e rent needs to be paid), and lastly it may not have been the best idea to try a crock pot chicken and dumplings recipe made with butter, cream of chicken soup and biscuits (I did add vegatables so it was sort of healthy) and eat it for an entire week. Anyway, those minor dietary set backs are behind me and now it’s time to clean up the diet.

This week’s test includes no carbs, some protein, a lot of vegetables, fruit, and a ton of water. Le sigh. No rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes, pretzels, or rice cakes. No carbs allowed. Thank God Peanut Butter is considered a protein. Here’s hoping that my hanger (hungry anger) doesn’t get me in trouble, shot or arrested. I have been drinking a gallon of water a day for a while so that won’t be an issue.

News flash peeps, one turkey burger pattie, asparagus, and grapes are actually filling. Who knew! Maybe this won’t be so difficult after all. Good thing because this will be my lunch for the rest of the week.

Later Days!